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Less Dust. Enhanced Safety. Greater Confidence.

On its own, elemental sulfur is prone to ignition when dust is generated. This can pose a serious risk to those storing and handling it. Keg River sulfur bentonite fertilizers are made to minimize risk. We have remained vigilant in finding new ways to make the safest sulfur products through our superior ingredients, advanced manufacturing processes and ongoing research.

3 Keys To A Safe Sulfur Bentonite Fertilizer.

Advanced Dust Control

Keg River employs dust collection systems at two points during the manufacturing process: prior to dust suppressant application and before loadout. We only use the highest-quality dust suppressants, applied with a proprietary application system for superior coating consistency.

The Best Clay

By using only premium bentonite clay, our pastilles are stronger and more resilient when handled – yet will quickly degrade in the field. Lower quality clays or blends are more prone to fracture.

More Durable Pastille

Keg River’s manufacturing processes combined with our premium clay, results in a bun-shaped pastille that holds up better in handling and application. We maintain an optimum diameter-to-height ratio of 2.2:1.

More Clay = Less Dusting

With 50% more of our premium bentonite clay, Keg 85S (0-0-0-85) pastilles are 33% harder, with 18.2% less risk of ignition than Keg 90S (0-0-0-90).

Keg River’s product dusts less. You can walk through the facility when it’s being unloaded. Other (competitive) products are too dusty to do this.

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Rigorous Data And Monitoring

Product consistency and quality control is important to Keg River customers. That’s why we have implemented detailed product monitoring, batch control and batch tracking procedures to help us account for every product run. If there is a problem, we can quickly get to the bottom of it.

As part of this process, before a product leaves the plant, our staff records the level of airborne particulates. This allows us to determine if a product was handled properly during and after delivery.

In addition, we work with an independent lab to conduct testing as part of our ongoing process of product improvement. This includes tests for several key factors, including: pastille hardness, size guide number, and explosivity.

Checklist For Safe Handling Of Degradable Sulfur

Keg River products have an established reputation for being a safe sulfur bentonite fertilizer. Fertilizer dealers should be aware of safety considerations whenever handling degradable elemental sulfur.  Sulfur is classified as non-hazardous and non-toxic, but awareness of potential problems must be stressed to ensure safe handling of this material.

  • Safety concerns are reduced dramatically when sulfur is blended with other nutrients.
  • Handle solid sulfur no more than necessary.
  • Use gentle conveyance systems such as conveyer belts at speeds of 250’ per minute or less. Screw conveyors generate considerably more dust. Drag conveyors work well but should not be run dry.
  • When finished unloading bulk material, another bulk product such as MAP or KCl can be used to chase sulfur residue from the system.
  • Minimize transfer points and drops at transfer points to reduce attrition of sulfur pastilles.
  • Where possible, use storage bins with steep bottom cones (e.g. 55° or 60°) to facilitate consistent flow-through of product – and to minimize pastille fractures.
  • Dust control agent should be applied during load out.
  • Dust suppressants are less effective over time, and after repeated handling.
  • Conveyance and storage systems should be grounded.
  • Hand tools used in sulfur handling area should be non-sparking engine-driven equipment, equipped with spark arrestors and protected muffler and exhaust systems.
  • Check inventory after unloading to ensure there is no fire. There is more risk of fire at the end of the transfer as the equipment is run dry and accumulated fines appear in the system.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection.

Download the Keg River Checklist for Safe Handling of Degradable Sulfur

A free download to remind you of best practices when handling degradable sulfur.