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Top Quality Organic Bentonite Sulfur

Keg River Organics* Keg90S is Keg River’s top selling premium 0-0-0-90 bentonite sulfur.

Keg River is equally uncompromising in the making of our organic products. Made at a dedicated organic manufacturing plant, Keg River Organics* Keg90S provides a consistently high-quality source of sulfur to organically-grown crops throughout the growing season. Superior ingredients and manufacturing processes ensure the same consistency, improved performance and enhanced dust control people have come to expect with Keg River Organics* Keg90S.

* Meets National Organic Program requirements for organic production

Superior Breakdown

Keg River Organics* Keg90S degrades more thoroughly upon activation with water. The smaller average size of sulfur particles after disintegration results in a large surface area available to soil microbes for faster colonization and conversion to sulfate. This results in enhanced agronomic performance.

Flexible Application Timing

Keg River Organics* Keg90S can be safely applied in spring without any risk to seed (even when applied into the seed row). A long-term elemental sulfur program with fall application can eliminate the need for AMS.

Keg River Organics* Keg90S can be the main sulfur nutrient source if it is regularly applied as part of a nutrient management program. However, if soil sulfur levels are very deficient, or if elemental sulfur is being applied for the first time, sulfur requirements must be augmented by a form of soluble sulfate to ensure immediate sulfate needs are met (especially in the case of high sulfur demanding crops such as canola).

  • Keg River Organics* Keg90S is applied alone or blended with other fertilizers.
  • Application rate is based on agronomic recommendations from soil tests and crop removal rates of sulfur.
  • Keg River Organics* Keg90S can be used in soil amendment and pH adjustment
  • Can be banded or broadcasted; broadcasting in the fall has the benefit of exposing pastilles to freeze-thaw and moisture over winter for more thorough disintegration.
  • Repeat applications of Keg River Organics* Keg90S improves soil populations of sulfur processing bacteria—the soil becomes more efficient in processing elemental sulfur to sulfate.
  • After repeated use of elemental sulfur, use of AMS can successfully be reduced or eliminated.

Keg River provides several options to our customers. Let us know what works for you.

  • Bulk truck or rail car
  • Mini-Bulk Bags (Totes): 2700 lbs/tote (1225 kg/tote)
  • Plastic Heat Sealed 50# Bags (54/pallet, stretch-wrap over poly-woven cap)
Keg90S™ Organic Product Specifications

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • 90% Sulfur
  • 10% Bentonite Clay (Inert)

Bulk Density: 75 lbs per ft³ (1201 Kg per m³)

Pastille Size: Size Guide Number 260

  • Diameter: 3.25-3.55 mm
  • Height: 1.45-1.65 mm
  • Ratio: Less than 2.45:1 (2.2:1= target size)

Color: Green

Angle of Repose: 29 degrees

Sold Across North America

Keg River fertilizers are available in over 30 states and provinces. Learn about adding our products to your inventory – or find a retailer near you.

A Premium Bentonite Sulfur for Organic Farming.