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Keg River is developing a series of free downloadable guides and tools to provide greater insights into topics of interest to you… and your customers. The goal is to help you in your decision-making process, and to share advice on getting the most out of our sulfur fertilizers.

Test Your Bentonite Sulfur Product Degradability

Proper sulfur fertilization is crucial for optimizing yield, quality, and farm profitability. The secret lies in improved knowledge, tools, and strategies, with high-quality bentonite elemental sulfur emerging as a key trend. However, not all bentonite elemental sulfur products are equal, making testing essential to ensure quality, understand your product, and compare options.

Are You Getting What You Paid For?

There’s no point in buying a degradable sulfur fertilizer that doesn’t degrade. Yet this is exactly what happens when you purchase from a manufacturer that cuts corners when it comes to clay quality. Learn why top-quality clay is critical to performance in bentonite sulfur fertilizer.

Design your Annual Fertilizer Plan for Maximum Success

Many growers and advisors are turning to elemental sulfur fertilizers as an effective and highly affordable solution for building up sulfur levels in the soil for healthier, higher-performing crops. Unlock essential tips, strategies & key considerations in our FREE guide.

Keep Sulfur Safety Top of Mind

Keg River has developed the Dealer's Checklist for Safe Handling of Degradable Sulfur as a valuable reminder of best handling practices. Created for both new hires and old hands alike.

Get a Sneak Peek at Nutrient Uptake Updates

Learn about efforts to update nutrient uptake numbers for Western Canada, with Manitoba trial numbers and an exclusive interview with John Heard of Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development