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Quality Sets Keg River Sulfur Bentonite Fertilizers Apart.

Keg River has become one of North America’s most trusted suppliers of sulfur bentonite fertilizers. We’ve made it our goal to produce the highest quality bentonite sulfur products on the market.

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You get what you put in. See the difference quality makes.

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Solid value. Solid terms. Solid logistics. The solid choice.

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Keg River is helping customers tell their sustainability story.

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Safety &

Keg River has reduced the dust to improve safety & handling.

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Sulfur’s an essential nutrient, especially in high demand crops.

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This Is What Consistency Looks Like

Our secret is really no secret at all. Keg River’s premium ingredients, pastille research, proprietary manufacturing process, and regularly maintained equipment and facilities allows us to a consistently produce the highest quality bentonite sulfur products.

100% Premium Bentonite Clay:
Keg River fertilizers are made with only the highest-quality bentonite and are never blended with inferior clays.

Twice-dried Clay:
Prior to delivery, our bentonite clay is twice-dried and acclimatized to reduce internal moisture to <6% for more reliable degradability.

Harder prill strength:
Greater resiliency during handling without sacrificing soil degradability.

Optimal Dimension:
A height to diameter ratio of 2.2:1 minimizes the ridges and makes our pastilles less prone to breakage / fracturing.

Purest Sulfur Stock:
All elemental sulfur is degassed to 8 ppm to remove impurities.

Top Rated Dust Suppressants:
Less dust. Easier handling. Greater safety.

Batch Control Sampling:
We keep samples and conduct dust particulate testing prior to shipping –– for greater quality control and traceability.

Fewer Products. Done Right!

Sold Across North America

Keg River fertilizers are available in over 30 states and provinces. Learn about adding our products to your inventory – or find a retailer near you.