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Our Top-Selling 0-0-0-90 Bentonite Sulfur

Keg90S™ (formerly sold as Nutrasul) is a high-quality, high-analysis bentonite sulfur that provides the consistent performance our customers demand. Exceptional degradability, dependable dust control and unmatched value make Keg90S our top-selling product.

Keg90S sets the standard for 0-0-0-90 bentonite sulphur. It is made with only the highest quality bentonite clay, for superior degradability in the soil.

* Meets National Organic Program requirements for organic production

Superior Breakdown

Keg90S degrades more thoroughly upon activation with water. The smaller average size of sulfur particles after disintegration results in a large surface area available to soil microbes for faster colonization and conversion to sulfate. This results in enhanced agronomic performance.

Flexible Application Timing

Keg90S can be safely applied in the spring without any risk to the seed (even when applied in the seed row). A long-term elemental sulfur program with fall application can eliminate the need for AMS.

Keg90S can be the main sulfur nutrient source if it is regularly applied as part of a nutrient management program. However, if soil sulfur levels are very deficient, or if elemental sulfur is being applied for the first time, sulfur requirements must be augmented by a form of soluble sulfate to ensure immediate sulfate needs are met (especially in the case of high sulfur demand crops such as canola).

  • Keg90S can be applied alone or blended with other fertilizers.
  • Application rate is based on agronomic recommendations from soil tests and crop removal rates of sulfur.
  • Keg90S can be used in soil amendment and pH adjustment.
  • Can be banded or broadcasted; broadcasting in the fall has the benefit of exposing pastilles to freeze-thaw and moisture over winter for more thorough disintegration.
  • Repeat applications of Keg90S improves soil populations of sulfur-processing bacteria – making the soil more efficient at processing elemental sulfur to sulfate.
  • After repeated use of elemental sulfur, use of AMS can successfully be reduced or eliminated.

Keg River provides several options to our customers. Let us know what works for you.

  • Bulk truck or rail car
  • Mini-Bulk Bags (Totes): 2700 lbs/tote (1225 kg/tote)
  • Plastic Heat Sealed 50# Bags (54/pallet, stretch-wrap over poly-woven cap)
Keg90S™ Product Specifications

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • 90% Sulfur
  • 10% Bentonite Clay (Inert)

Bulk Density: 75 lbs per ft³ (1201 kg per m³)

Pastille Size: Size Guide Number 260

  • Diameter: 3.25-3.55 mm
  • Height: 1.45-1.65 mm
  • Ratio: Less than 2.45:1 (2.2:1= target size)

Color: Green

Angle of Repose: 29 degrees

Sold Across North America

Keg River fertilizers are available in over 30 states and provinces. Learn about adding our products to your inventory – or find a retailer near you.

Our top-selling bentonite sulfur for organic farming.