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How Bentonite Sulfur Fertilizer Breaks Down in the Soil

This animated video illustrates how degradable elemental sulfur is converted to plant-available sulfate by microbes in the soil throughout the growing season.

Keg River Warehouse Tour

Keg River’s 30,000 sq ft warehouse is a key part of our integrated logistical and distribution network, and is vital to meeting peak season demand.

Keg River Logistics

Consistently reliable shipping and logistics are at the core of Keg River’s customer experience. Learn how we ensure on-time, as-promised product delivery.

How Keg River Bentonite Sulfur Fertilizer is Made

See the steps that go into making a premium bentonite sulfur fertilizer. Join Daryl Schuster on this behind-the-scenes tour of the Keg River manufacturing plant.

Why Sulfur is Essential to Photosynthesis

Sulfur is a key ingredient in the production of chlorophyll, which absorbs sunlight and provides energy to the plant. This video covers what you need to know for healthy growth.

Why Are Sandy Soils Prone to Sulfur Deficiency?

Sulfur deficiency is a common problem in sandy soil due to its low organic matter and increased risk of leaching. See why elemental sulfur fertilizer is uniquely suited to the challenge.

Why It's Hard to Correlate Sulfur and Yield

Can you correlate sulfur and yield? The answer can be both yes and no. Ray Dowbenko explains why this is a tricky question to answer.

Limitations When Soil Testing for Sulfate Sulfur

Learn why the soil test for sulfate sulfur may not account for all S nutrients, and why it’s difficult to accurately measure. Hosted by independent agronomist, Ray Dowbenko.

Does Elemental Sulfur Help Build Soil Microbes?

Will repeat applications of elemental sulfur build microbial populations, for enhanced conversion to sulfate? The answer is YES. Learn more.

Can Elemental Sulfur Replace AMS With Repeated Application?

Is it possible for elemental sulfur to provide an immediate source of sulfate to plants? Research says yes. Watch to learn more.

Sulfur Deficiency in Corn and Soybean Crops

Soil testing and surveys reveal less sulfur in agricultural soils today than 30 years ago. Learn why, and the signs to watch out for in corn and soybeans.

High Yields Equal High Sulfur Demand in Corn and Soybeans

Why do corn and soybeans require high application rates of sulfur? Agronomist Ray Dowbenko explains the ins and outs, including the unique demands in both crops and the areas in which they are grown.

Is Elemental Sulfur the Right Source for You?

In this video, we look at elemental sulfur in the context of 4R nutrient management: right source, right rate, right time, right place. Is it the right source for you?

How 4r Agricultural Practices Benefit Farmers

4R nutrient stewardship is being driven by consumers demanding greater environmental sustainability. See how it also drives growers to be more efficient & profitable.

3 Advantage of Fall-Applied Elemental Sulfur

Discover how a fall broadcast application of elemental sulfur provides operational benefits, agronomic benefits and economic benefits to growers in the northern US & Canada.

Getting Immediate and Season-Long Sulfur in Canola

Learn how bentonite sulfur provides canola growers a dependable and economical season-long sulfur source, with minimal loss due to leaching. Hosted by Ray Dowbenko.

The Importance of Sulfur in Canola Production

Agronomist Ray Dowbenko explains why canola requires season-long sulfur, how it’s used at various crop stages, and why adequate sulfur is vital to a top-yielding canola crop.

Breaking Down the Cost of Degradable Sulfur Fertilizer

We reveal what goes into the cost of degradable sulfur fertilizers, why the premium brands are priced a little higher, and the difference a quality product makes in the field.

The Difference Between 85% and 90% Degradable Sulfur Products

Watch as we demonstrate how the extra bentonite clay in Keg85S provides enhanced degradability over our standard Keg90S. And how that translates into greater performance.

How to Test Degradability of Bentonite Sulfur

Keg River’s Brooke Bateman shares how you can verify & compare the quality of a manufacturer’s bentonite sulfur products using this simple 24-hour sulfur degradability test.

Importance of Bentonite Clay in Degradable Sulfur

See why the quality of bentonite clay used in a degradable sulfur is the #1 determining factor in performance. And why not all clays (and products) meet the same standards.

Making a Premium Bentonite Sulfur Fertilizer

Meet Keg River. Learn how we’re setting the standards for quality & performance as one of North America’s most trusted agricultural suppliers of bentonite sulfur fertilizer.