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AMS Elemental Sulfur Fertilizer Blend

Keg50S+™ combines the immediate plant availability of AMS with the season-long nutrition of our premium elemental sulfur.

Our 12-0-0-50S is a mechanical blend of 20.5-0-0-24S Ammonium Sulfate (58% AMS) and Keg90S™ (42% of our 0-0-0-90S degradable elemental sulfur).

* Meets National Organic Program requirements for organic production

This blend is sometimes referred to as a “Canola Blend” because it provides both sulfate sulfur (SO4) from AMS (for immediate sulfur requirements) and elemental sulfur (which becomes available early in the season, and provides a consistent source of nutritional sulfur throughout the season).

  • Can be used in the first year to transition from using only AMS as a sulfur source, to exclusive use of elemental sulfur.
  • Where bin space is limited, this blend provides fertilizer dealers with in-demand elemental sulfur source while still providing AMS.

Lower Ignition Hazard

Keg 50S  (12-0-0-50S) was tested alongside Keg90S™ and Keg85S™ for ignition of airborne dust. Samples were ground to fine dust for testing and placed in an explosion chamber similar to the one shown here, at slowly increasing concentrations of airborne dust, with ignition attempts, to determine Minimum Explosible Concentrations (MEC) of each:

  • MEC Keg90S: 50-60 grams/m3
  • MEC Keg85S: 60-70 grams/m3
  • MEC Keg85S+ (12-0-0-50S): 100-120 grams/m3

When mixed with AMS, the safety concerns from elemental sulfur airborne dust are reduced dramatically.

Keg50S+ Product Specifications

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • 12% Nitrogen (N)
  • 50% Sulfur (S)

Bulk Density: 65 lb/ft3

Keg 90 Pastille Size: SGN 260

AMS Size: SGN 240-280

Color: Blend of Green and White

Angle of Repose: 31 degrees

Sold Across North America

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