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A Partner In Sustainability

The agricultural industry is under increased scrutiny when it comes to addressing the environmental impact of modern management practices. Made with elemental sulfur, safely removed from industrial processes to reduce harmful atmospheric emissions, Keg River bentonite sulfur fertilizers align with the efforts of our leading retail partners to prove their commitment to sustainable farming solutions.

The Right Fit For Your 4Rs Program.

Right rate

Consistent breakdown of Keg River sulfurs in the soil, and a dependable analysis, allow for easy application rate calculation.

Right Time

As a slow-release, season-long source of sulfur, there is no need to apply sulfur in-crop, which helps reduce fuel usage. When applied in the fall, bentonite sulfur can cut down (or replace) the need for AMS, which is known to have a greater impact on the environment due to leaching.

Right Place

Soil testing, tissue testing and determining removal/uptake rates of the crop can help ensure the sulfur is applied where it is needed. It can be added to fields identified to have high pH levels as part of a field amendment/soil improvement strategy and improve agricultural productivity.

Right Source

Bentonite sulfur provides a steady, economical source of S throughout the growing season. It can be used in conjunction with AMS in the fall for immediate and slow-release sulfur.

Part of the Equation to Reduce Environmental Emissions.

The energy industry is required to remove SO2 from emissions. The byproduct is pure sulfur. Keg River transforms this sulfur as the feedstock for an agricultural fertilizer that helping North American farmers to meet the growing worldwide demand for food.

3 Ways We Reduce Our Impact Through Logistics.

Keg River has optimized our freight logistics so that trucks that deliver our products are loaded with bentonite clay on the return leg for greater efficiency – while reducing our environmental impact.

We’ve revised our trailer configuration to maximize load capacity. By increasing our fleet of trailers & railcars, we are able to optimize trips.

Our location is situated on a rail line and next to a refinery where we source a large percentage of our sulfur stock (reducing transportation requirements for ourselves and our energy partners). Our proximity to customer markets allows us to minimize our carbon footprint compared to overseas sulfur providers.

A Partner In Organic Farming

We’re proud to provide a line of fertilizers that allow organic farmers to grow and nurture environmentally friendly crops without the need of synthetic-based fertilizers.

Learn how Keg River products fit with your corporate sustainability program.