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January 27, 2021

Keg River Fertilizer Renames Its Line of Bentonite Sulfur Fertilizer Products


Keg River Chemical has announced new names for its Keg River fertilizer line.

Nutrasul 90 (0-0-0-90S) has been renamed Keg90S™. Supreme 85 (0-0-0-85S), the industry’s first bentonite sulfur made with 15% clay composition for enhanced breakdown, will now be sold as Keg85S™.

Additional products include Keg90S™ Organic, Keg85S™ Organic and Keg50S+™: a blend of Keg90S™ and ammonium sulfate (12-0-0-50).

“The new naming structure allows us to cohesively brand our entire fertilizer product line under the strength of the Keg River name. It also gives us greater flexibility to secure trademarks across multiple jurisdictions,” said Keg River President and CEO, Daryl Schuster.

Schuster assured retail clients that Keg River’s products have changed in name only. Each continues to be manufactured using only the highest quality clays, cleanest elemental sulfur stock, and leading dust control measures in the industry.

“Keg River has built our business on refusing to cut corners when it comes to the quality of our fertilizers. It’s why North America’s top fertilizer retailers and their customers have come to count on our products for consistently superior safety and performance,” Schuster said.

In addition to announcing new names for its Keg River fertilizers, the company has introduced the next evolution of its logo, and has launched a new website.

“Keg River has proudly supplied the agricultural sector since 1998 and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers. We saw an opportunity to use our website as a trusted resource for information and insights of value to retailers, agronomists, and growers alike,” Schuster said.

“We hope you like it and learn more about what goes into a premium bentonite sulfur.”

For inquiries, please email: Lorie Fitzowich or your Keg River Representative

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