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May 19, 2021

Watch: The Importance of Bentonite Clay in Degradable Sulfur

Welcome to the launch of Keg River TV – a YouTube channel dedicated to degradable sulfur. We’ll be tackling topics that will be of interest to retailers, fertilizer buyers and growers alike. It will be an ongoing series, so we encourage you to subscribe, so you don’t miss anything.

In our first video, Daryl Schuster, President of Keg River Fertilizer, talks about the importance of bentonite clay in degradable sulfur fertilizers.

Bentonite clay is the catalyst that allows the elemental sulfur to degrade into finer particles for conversion into plant-available sulfate by bacteria. Daryl explains why products that are made from the best clay will provide optimal performance.

“If you’re going to spend money on sulfur that isn’t going to degrade, it really adds no value. In fact you might be short on sulfur for that season because clay was the single most important ingredient that went into that sulfur bentonite,” said Schuster.

Click here to watch our first video. We encourage you to subscribe and share with any team members or customers who may find it of value.

Stay tuned for Part II:

In the next video in this series, we will show you how to conduct a degradability test. This will allow you to assess how much of your supplier’s bentonite sulfur is properly degrading into a fine particle size. It can also indicate if a product is not performing as intended or can be used to evaluate competing products side-by-side.

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