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Watch: Keg River Warehouse Tour

Keg River Chemical’s premium quality degradable elemental sulfur fertilizer products are shipped and sold across North America. To make sure we have enough product on hand to meet peak season demand, we stock our warehouse […]

Soil Science 101: The Sulfur Cycle

As we all know, sulfur is a macronutrient. Without it, essential plant functions, including photosynthesis, protein and enzyme synthesis cannot occur. Some agricultural soils have ample sulfur. Others are deficient and require the addition of […]

Get Sulphur Right to Maximize Canola Yield

Ensure sufficient levels season-long to make the most of your crop’s potential What’s a top under-the-radar factor for canola performance? Look no further than sulphur, say leading experts. “Consistent high-level canola production needs to include […]

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